How to Insert Ads in WordPress

Nowadays, ads are becoming part and parcel of every website especially WordPress based sites. Some WordPress themes include built-in support for inserting ads through theme options page. However, users need to insert ads manually by editing theme files if it doesn’t include any mechanism to place ads. Beginners will find it difficult to insert ad codes if they are not well versed with the WordPress structure.

WhyDoWork AdSense plugin enables users to add, edit and delete not only Google Adsense ads but also any kind of ad code without modifying the template.

(1) Download WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin.

(2) Extract file and upload whydowork-adsense folder to wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress installation.

(3) Navigate to Plugins section inside WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin


(4) Go to Settings and select Whydowork Adsense. You will view a page as displayed below


As you can see there are 10 code pages. You have to provide the required ad codes by selecting the link displayed on the top of the page and assigning the code to the relevant page.

You can embed ad codes to your WordPress homepage, individual pages such as About us, Single page (content pages) and Single pages which are older than the date specified.


It is also possible to exclude the display of ads to certain page/post by providing its ID separated by commas. The WhyDoWork AdSense plugin is designed not only for Adsense but also for other CPM related ad services.

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