How to Fix mail() Function Error in WordPress

If you are working with Windows server. You will view the following error message if you attempt to use the Forget Password functionality in WordPress

The e-mail could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function…

The above error appears since you will not be able to use mail() function under Windows.

In order to solve the problem you have to make use of WP Mail SMTP plugin.

(1) Login to the WordPress admin dashboard and select Plugins. You will view Plugins page.

(2) Select Add New option located under Plugins navigation panel and search using the keyword – WP Mail SMTP


(4) Click Install Now link and confirm the installation

(5) You will view the following screen upon successful installation of WP Mail SMTP plugin


(6) Select Activate Plugin link. You will view ‘Plugin activated’ message


(7) Select Settings link located under WP-Mail-SMTP plugin. You will view the following screen


(8) In order to work with the plugin you have to create a POP3 email account using your hosted domain and follow the steps given below.

(a) Select Send all WordPress emails via SMTP option

(b) Provide SMTP Host name (mail.yourdomain)

(c) Select Yes: Use SMTP authentication under Authentication and provide username and password of your mailbox account.

(d) You can test the mail functionality by selecting Send Test button after providing an email address. You will view a long log which confirms the mail delivery.

You will receive an email with the subject WP Mail SMTP: Test mail to if everything goes on well. The body of the message will have the following content

This is a test email generated by the WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin.

Here-afterwards, you should be able to use mail capabilities provided by WordPress.

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  1. Ty Nguyen says:

    I tried this option and it didn’t work, why does Arvixe such a pain in the ass with emails? Any other way?

    • Alex says:


      Have you created a ticket regarding the issues you’re experiencing? If not, can you please do so?

      If you have, can you please email your ticket ID to or reply with your ticket ID here?



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