How to Create a Mailing List Using WebsitePanel

Mailing lists are useful if you would like to send a message to large number of recipients. You only have to compose e-mails using a single mailing list ID and emails will be automatically delivered to all recipients on that list.

Follow the steps given below to create a mailing list using WebsitePanel

(1) Select Mail | Lists

(2) Select Create Mailing List button


(3) You have to provide e-mail Address which will be the mailing list address, password, message sizes and mailing list recipients separated one email ID per line on the Mail List Properties page.


Mailing list is the professional way to deliver mass mail to your recipients. For example, if you run a small hosting company then you can make use of the mailing list to deliver monthly newsletters to your clients.

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  1. Bob Skiba says:

    Can a mailing list be set up with more than one moderator? I have a membership list I would like only two people to be able to post to. Thanks.

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