How Arvixe Can Help with your Web Hosting Migration

How Arvixe Can Help with your Web Hosting Migration?

Even for an experienced webmaster or web hosting reseller, the idea of migrating accounts to a new hosting provider is intimidating. Sometimes a wide range of unpredictable problems come from nowhere, with your websites going offline as settings are updated and vital content lost in the migration process. Even if a migration does not run into any problems, it still represents a significant investment of time and hard work on your part.

At Arvixe, we want every webmaster to get the best service possible. The stress of migrating your accounts should never become an obstacle to quality of service. In this article, learn how our team of web hosting experts can help bring your accounts over from your old provider to our servers. In addition, you will learn everything you need to know about our migration policy and how it combines generous restrictions with a flexible approach. Whether you need to migrate a single account, dozens of resold accounts or an entire dedicated server, we can help.

Why do you need professional migration assistance?

Maybe your existing host fails to deliver on its service level agreements (SLAs). Maybe your hosting goes through long periods of unexpected downtime that cost you in terms of reputation and revenue. Maybe you feel unable to get the support you need to make the most of your hosting. Whatever your reasons for choosing to change hosting provider, we know it is not a decision to be taken lightly. In the wrong hands, a migration could:

  • Take your website offline for hours or even days
  • Corrupt crucial data
  • Render your applications unusable with settings that were configured for your old server
  • Interrupt email services

If you run a few websites for your business, these problems could result in a noticeable loss of revenue. If you are a web hosting reseller, downtime and data loss are definite ways to lose customers. Professional migration services guarantee experts are responsible for moving your data and making sure everything works correctly.

Asking your new host to transfer your data avoids the numerous potential issues of migration and, even better, leaves you to concentrate on running your business. However, some web hosting providers promise free migration, without mentioning restrictive terms and conditions.

Migrating shared and reseller hosting

At Arvixe, we have developed an industry-leading migration policy that is simple yet effective. Our policy provides a sensible limit to the size and scale of migrations, without affecting the vast majority of our new customers.

For shared web hosting and reseller hosting services, our technicians can migrate your hosting from any control panel to cPanel. We take care to make the transition as seamless as possible, with no interruption to service and no loss of data.

Reseller hosting migration does come with a limit. User will need to provide us the cPanel backups of resold/sub accounts from his OLD host and we will restore the accounts on Arvixe server. We will fully guide users on how to generate backups.

Migrating VPS, dedicated server and cloud hosting

Most webmasters understand that larger hosting services are often more complex to migrate. Despite this, Arvixe remains committed to assisting customers who use virtual private servers (VPS hosting), dedicated server hosting or cloud hosting. We can offer UNLIMITED and fully free migration service for virtual private servers (VPS hosting), dedicated server hosting or cloud hosting without any downtime.

Hosting services with free migration from Arvixe

With a generous free migration policy available from Arvixe, there is no reason to stay with a host that does not meet your expectations. Arvixe offers a comprehensive range of hosting services, including web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and more. Customers can also choose cloud hosting services for the best in scalability and availability.

When you signup with Arvixe, you can depend on a 100% network uptime promise, 24/7 technical support, and a 60-day money back guarantee. In addition to migrating your hosting, Arvixe can transfer your domain names from your former provider. Just give us a chance to serve you better than any Host in the Town!

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