Add-Ons in Reseller/VPS/Dedicated Hosting Plans in WebSitePanel

Applied on: WebsitePanel (Windows) Account

The hosting add-ons are resources and corresponding quotas. Hosting resources are a set of services that can be associated with a hosting account.

Hosting add-ons allow extend quotas of existing hosting space without affecting its parent hosting plan. Think hosting add-on as a small part of a hosting plan with a few added quotas assigned.

How to create Hosting-Add-On

Step 1. To view the list of hosting add-ons, click “Hosting Add-Ons” on the left User Account Menu.

Step 2. To add a new hosting plan, click “Create Hosting Add-On”. You will be redirected to the “Hosting Add-On Details” screen shown below:

Step 3. Provide the name and short description of the hosting add-on and set its availability (visibility) to customers.

Specify add-on resource groups and their quotas by checkmarking them.

Click “Save” to apply.

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