How to Hide HTML BLOCK for Non-Members in SocialEngine

I create a menu with jquery and I put in a HTML BLOCK in the header layout. Well, this menu can be viewed for everybody and I don’t want that so, I put this in my htmlblock widget:/web/application/modules/Core/widgets/html-block/index.tpl

 * SocialEngine
 * @category   Application_Core
 * @package    Core
 * @copyright  Copyright 2006-2010 Webligo Developments
 * @license
 * @version    $Id: index.tpl 7244 2010-09-01 01:49:53Z john $
 * @author     John

 <?php if( $this->viewer()->getIdentity() ):
 echo $this->data?>

 <?php endif; ?>

That’s it! The menu disappears for non-members in the header layout.

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