Here Comes Elgg 1.9

Elgg 1.8 was an excellent upgrade. Theming was improved and it added a lot of features that were needed in previous versions. Today, elgg 1.9 (Release Candidate) has been released by the elgg core development team. We are one step closer to the official release of elgg 1.9. Why is this version different from the others? Because it will come with a responsive theme, making it fully compatible with mobile devices! The elgg core team is encouraging theme developers to start making all themes responsive, for the benefit of the users. Not only that, it will finally replace TinyMce with CKEditor, allowing users to upload images using CKEditor! That feature was missing in previous versions of elgg that used TinyMce.

elgg release candidateWhat others features does it have?

Here is the full list of features that elgg 1.9 has:

  • New responsive theme
  • Adds image uploading from Text Editor
  • Replaces fancybox lightbox with colorbox
  • Replaces Tinymce editor with CKEditor
  • Liking and friending use ajax
  • Removes topbar Elgg logo and made “powered by” themable
  • Allows keeping group content limited to the group
  • Site notifications moved into separate plugin from messages
  • Various accessibility fixes
  • Improved theme sandbox
  • Ajaxified the discussion reply edit form.
  • Alphabetize friends/friends-of, group notifications, group owned/member lists
  • Adds support for simplecache minification of CSS and JavaScript
  • Adds new notification system
  • Changes user directories use GUIDs rather than join date
  • Adds robots.txt configuration
  • Adds maintenance mode

We suggest to not to test elgg 1.9 RC in our servers yet, since it is a Release Candidate. This is the last step before getting a ‘ready-for-production’ version. We will update you as soon elgg 1.9 is fully ready to use!

This Concludes Here Comes Elgg 1.9

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