How to Add a Custom HTTP Header in WebSitePanel

Applied on : WebSitePanel (Windows) Hosting

We use custom headers to send instructions from the web server to client browsers that are not yet supported in the current HTTP specification, such as newer HTTP headers that Internet Information Services may not inherently support at the time of the product’s release. For example, we can use a custom HTTP header to allow the client browser to cache the page, but prevent proxy servers from caching the page.

How to add a custom HTTP header to a website:

Step 1. Open the Web Site Properties page by clicking the website name under the “Website” link

Step 2. Select the Headers tab and click the Add Custom Header button. A new record will be added at the end of the custom headers list.

Step 3. Type the name and value of your custom HTTP header in the Header Name and Header Value boxes.

Step 4. Click the Update button to apply the settings.

To delete an existing custom HTTP header, just click the Delete button and then click the Update button.

This concludes how to add a custom HTTP header in WebSitePanel

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