Google Search for Elgg 1.9

Elgg has a search feature that lets users find anything they need. However, for large elgg sites it could take time to get results. Instead of using that, in this article I will teach you how to use Google Search inside elgg 1.9


There's an ongoing debate or whether to replace the current search feature with something else or not. As of right now, a simple search on a big network, can slow down the performance of the site and use more server resources. Now imagine several users searching at once, it could cause stability issues. Google Search integration doesn't slow down your site and even gets better results.

Getting Started

1. Download and install the Google Search Plugin for elgg 1.9

2. Log into elgg as an Admin

3. Open the Admin Dashboard, and go to menu "Configure -> Plugins":

admin dashboard elgg plugins configure menu

4. Search for "Google Site Search" and activate it:

google search activate elgg arvixe tutorials linux hosting

5. Now, go to and create your a search engine for your site:

google cse elgg arvixe tutorials

Note: You are going to need a google account to get it.

6. Once you create your custom search engine, get and copy the code of your new search engine:

google cse elgg get code

getting code arvixe google cse elgg search

7. Go back to your elgg Administration Dashboard. Go to menu "Configure -> Settings -> Google Site Search", paste the code from step 6 and save your changes:

elgg google cse code save settings arvixe linux hosting

8. And that's it! Google Search has been integrated with elgg 1.9:

google search integrated elgg arvixe hosting

This concludes Google Search for elgg 1.9

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Happy Hosting!

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