How to Install Google Analytics Into TomatoCart

Google Analytics is a free tool to analyze your website traffic. This article guides on how to install Google Analytics tool into your TomatoCart store.

  1. Create a Google Analytics account
    Sign up at and set up your web property.
  2. Get the tracking code
    After setting up an account and your web property, you will be redirected to the admin panel of Google
    Figure 1. Google Analytics Admin PanelDecide which to track, whether to include subdomain, multiple top-level domains etc.
    If you’re not sure, you can always come back to this section and re-edit.When this section is re-edited, the script will change . You will also need to change the scripts on your website.

    Then the script of tracking code is ready right for you to insert into each page you’d like to track.

    Figure 2. The generated tracking code

  3. Install
    Enable the Google Analytics service module at TomatoCart admin panel under Admin > Modules > Services.tomatocart-service-list
    Figure 3. Install the Google Analytics moduleClick Edit. Paste the tracking code and save .tomatocart-google-tracking-code-dialog
    Figure 4. Add the tracking code into Google Analytics module

Google Analytics tool installation into your TomatoCart store – it’s done!

Basic tracking is set up and installed on your site. There is usually some delay to make reports under the “Standard Reporting” section of Google Analytics, hours or minutes.

Have fun with Google Analytics! We will publish more articles about tips to use this amazing tool continuously later.

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2 Comments on How to Install Google Analytics Into TomatoCart

  1. Chaib says:

    I cant install the tracking code at my tomatocart webshop because the Google Analytics service module doesnt appear at my Services. Do you know how i can add the google analytics service module at my Admin > Modules > Services?

  2. Jack.yin says:


    I guess you might be using the old version of TomatoCart which does not support Google Analytics service.

    Please download the module from

    Once you upzip the package, you will find two directories(admin and includes) in it. Please just put them into the web root directory on your web server where TomatoCart is installed.

    Or you could contact me via Id love to help.

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