Ghost – How to Restart on PersonalClass

Ghost Blog has been added to Softaculous! So you can install it via there, but currently the only way to make changes to Ghost or install new themes is to restart Ghost. On Shared hosting this can be a bit of an issue, but if you follow these simple steps then it shouldn’t be any issue.

Step 1. If you do not have it yet, get SSH Access on the server, you will need to contact Support for assistance with getting SSH.

Step 2. Login to SSH. Once logged in you will be greeted with: [~]#

Step 3. You need to find your Node PID:

ps aux | grep USER

Replacing USER with your Username on the Server. This will return a few things, but you are looking for:

user   15941  0.0  4.6 724596 71104 ? Sl  05:05   0:02 node index

The number after your username on the line that says node index is your Node PID.

Step 4. Kill that PID: [~]# kill 15941

Step 5. CD to your public_html


Step 6. Start up Ghost!

/home/username/nodejs/bin/npm start --production > /home/username/nodejs/ghost15151.log 2>&1 &

Replacing username with your username on the server. You will need to get your Ghost log from /home/username/nodejs/ghost*.log replace 15151.log with your Ghost log name.

This should return: [~/public_html]# /home/user/nodejs/bin/npm start --production > /home/user/nodejs/ghost61008.log 2>&1 &
[1] 32343

Your Ghost Blog has now been restarted!

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2 Comments on Ghost – How to Restart on PersonalClass

  1. My blog is running, but there is no line remotely looking like:
    user 15941 0.0 4.6 724596 71104 ? Sl 05:05 0:02 node index
    when typing ps aux | grep {replace_by_username}

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