Getting Started with Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is an efficient method of driving relevant traffic to your website. It allows your company to advertise to a vast audience and only pay when those who are truly interested in your product click on the link to enter your website. PPC ads can appear above, to the right of, or below the organic search results.

Before you begin, it’s of utmost importance that marketers identify their business goals. Is the sale/purchase the most important aspect of the site or is it persuading a lead? After you identify your goals and establish a game plan of action, go ahead and get started!

Today’s post focuses on Google Adwords and getting started in three easy steps.

Step 1)   Create an account

Visit and click “Start now.” Enter an email address, choose a password, select a time zone and currency, and confirm your email.

Step 2)   Create your first ad

After creating an account you’ll be taken directly to page where you can craft your first ad. There are several things to take into consideration

Select where your ad can appear – default options are already set but spend some time to identify the websites, locations, and languages of interest. You can also determine which devices your ad should appear on – such as personal computers, tablets or smartphones.

Establish a budget – decide how much you’re willing to pay each time someone clicks your ad, and set a maximum amount that you’d want to spend per day.

Write an ad – write a headline and short description that meets Google’s ad requirements. Ads can show, including spaces, 25 characters for the title, 70 characters for the ad text, and 35 characters for a display URL.

For example, you may own an athletic shoe store in San Francisco:

Nike Running Shoes

Browse wide selection of Nike Running Shoes.

Fast & Free Shipping!

Select relevant keywords – your ad can show when people search Google using words you included in your ads. Depending on which options you choose, they could also see your ad on Google’s partner sites across the Internet.

You can generate keyword ideas from Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Google Insights for Search. Reviewing query reports and web analytics is also a must.

In addition, you can add keyword matching options to your keywords to help control which searches will trigger your ad to appear. There are four options available: broad match (and broad match modifier), phrase match, exact match, and negative match.

In general, the broader the keyword matching option (broad match), the more traffic potential that keyword has and the narrower the keyword matching option (exact match), the more relevant that keyword will be to someone’s search. For example, a customer searching for “shoes” is still in the research phase. A customer searching for “nike free run+ shoe” is past the research phase and is likely ready to purchase a particular pair of Nike running shoes.

Understanding these differences can steer you in choosing the right keyword matching options to help you reach your campaign goals. Strategize and identify which keyword match types speak to consumers at all phases of the shopping funnel.

Step 3)   Activate your account

The last step requires you to enter some very basic billing information and a coupon code if you have one available. Please keep in mind that you have the ability at any time to pause, edit, or cancel your ad. As soon as you turn on your campaign, your ads will begin appearing immediately. Within a few hours, check back in and see your data in the account’s Campaigns tab.

Next time we’ll chat more about paid search tactics you can implement to better optimize your campaign to help achieve your business goals. Stay tuned!

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  1. sathya says:

    Really we have to use the keywords very carefully since if we are a new i.e beginners or just started a small scale business. The tips which they provide here is awesome and really applicable.

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