Getting Started with ClipBucket

In the previous video, you learned about the necessary steps to install ClipBucket. The next process is to upload videos you have created to your own ClipBucket powered video portal.

In order to upload videos, you need to create a user account as you saw in the above video. You can upload videos as soon as you activate your account via email.

The total time required to upload a video file depends upon its size and speed of your internet connectivity. You can provide title, description and tags after the uploading is completed.

Anand NarayanaswamyBy default, your videos will be filed under uncategorized category. As you can see from the video, it is possible to create new categories from the administrator dashboard. You then need to tag the videos into relevant categories.

Additional Notes

You should popularize your videos via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media channels in order to get wide publicity. Over the period of time, your site will be indexed by Google and you will get more visitors.

Alternatively, you can upload the same video to YouTube and provide your ClipBucket URL.

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