Get your elgg network started with these four plugins!

Elgg is a script that lets you create your own social network, and it is widely supported. However, there is few documentation about key plugins that will help to boost your social network. In this article I will show you four key plugins that will enhance your elgg site.


Elgg is a software lets individuals communicate with each other in a secure and private environment. Throughout the years, this software evolved and comes with some bundled plugins that delivers key features for communication. However, there are other plugins developed by elgg member available that will make your network better. We will give a brief look at four ones that have been carefully selected.

Getting Started

Hype Inbox for Elgg

1. Hype Inbox for Elgg

Hype Inbox changes the core messages plugin. One of its key features is that shows messages with other users as a thread rather than individual messages, just like your email. In addition to that, messages can be deleted without reloading the entire page, which saves bandwidth. Besides that, it provides a versatile way to compose private messages and the must-have feature which is attaching files to a message.




2. Feature Tour for Elgg

New users always need a guide on how to use a site. Every major website uses a feature tour that explains how to use the tools available on the site. Feature Tour is a plugin that lets you build your own guide for new users. It simple, stylish and useful.



3. Recaptcha for Elgg

3. Recaptcha for Elgg

reCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that protects your website from spam and abuse. You can protect your elgg network with the reCAPTCHA Integration plugin for elgg. This plugin lets you add a anti-spam security question anywhere you can within your elgg site.


jPlayer for Elgg

4. jPlayer for Elgg

A trend feature in the majority of social networks is the ability to watch and upload videos. Videos make networks more interactive, and provide a useful way for users to share ideas, short family videos and news. JPlayer provides an audio and video player that you can use for free in elgg.

This concludes Get your elgg network started with these four plugins!

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Happy Hosting!

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