Get Info From Schedule Screen

Applied on: Windows (ASP) Hosting

WebsitePanel offer schedule jobs so on an interval of time a specific url can be executed or a job (like backup) can be processed. These schedules can be one or hundreds. Sometime users want to see from a single spot either their schedules are running or not or what settings they have done for their schedules.

The main schedule screen is the central location where you can check the schedule settings and if found mistake you can take action accordingly. Here is an understanding for a better usage of this feature.


  1.  Task name: This is heading of your task and could be any text that represents your task nature.
  2. Scheduled: This column represents the nature of routine execution of your task for example it can show you “Daily”; mean this task will be run once a day.
  3. Next Run: The time and date on which this task is running in future.
  4. Last Run: When this task executed last time in past.
  5. Status: It shows “Running” if the task is executing at this time or will show “Idle” if it is awaited its scheduled time.
  6. Last Result: If the task does not completed successfully at last running time, it shows error. You may need to see log file about detailed error message.

At end of schedule task list, you will see number of task you have setup.

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