Generate MachineKey in Arvixe (VPS Account)

MachineKey configures algorithms and keys to use for encryption, decryption, and validation of forms. It adds an extra layer of security for ASP Applications. In this article we are going to teach you how to generate a MachineKey for your VPS Account in WebSitePanel.

1. Log into you VPS WebsitePanel account. In the left menu search for MachineKey Generator and click on it:


2. Select the version and click in generate MachineKey:


3. Now, you can copy the generated Machine key in your web.config file.

4. That was pretty easy. You don’t have to rely on external websites to create your MachineKey. Not using it, it will cause the following error:


5. Finally, to properly set up the MachineKey, open the web.config file and add the following code between the <system.web> tag:

<pages enableViewStateMac="false" />

This Concludes Generate MachineKey in Arvixe (VPS Account)

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Happy Hosting!

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