Getting Started with HubNami

Hello again everyone!

Today, we will be talking about HubNami and how to register and get it all set up for use. We will start from registering to setting up your very first dashboard!

First go to their website here

You will see this page:


Next you will scroll down just a little bit and you will see this:


Click that and you will see this page:


You can register with email or sign up with Facebook. I did it with Facebook.

You will see the following when you do. Now keep in mind I have had my account already setup and have been using it.  So you will see something like this:


So there are a few things here try not to be overwhelmed we will take it step at a time.

First we are going to go over the page you are starting on. If you have linking your Facebook you will see on the left your pages that you are a part of and you can work with these initially. You will see the blue bar on the right that is what we are going to focus on first.  This allows us to create new dashboards to track different industry topics so let’s there. Click the big blue button titled “Create Dashboard” like so:


You will see this:


So type the name of the board you wish to create. For this we are going to type in Marketing.  Like so:


After you do that you will click “Next” You should see something similar to this:


Now all you have to do is select what social media you wish to choose. You can pick from quite a few like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. Just select the one that you want and type in a keyword or name and you should see this:


Just click the one you wish to follow and you will see the following after you select it:


You will click create new entry and it will add it to your newly created Dashboard and you can create more of those just keep clicking Create New Entry and you can add to them. You also can follow multiple parts of the same companies. You can add Like Youtube or Instagram to a company you are following by searching for that company in the related category.

Now we will move on to another thing. Broadcasting. This allows you to Broadcast to any facebook page or twitter page that you are linked too. So click Broadcast up on the top bar and you will be taken to this page:


From here you can broadcast to all of your linked accounts at once and from the comfort of one single page. There is another option at the top which is Auto Broadcast. This function is still a work in process but it does works and does the same thing, however you can set up an automatic time and days that you wish for it to Broadcast.

That’s it! If you have specific questions please feel free to ask away! I will be more than happy to answer them!

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