Uploading Files via FTP: The Basics

Okay, so you have your web space all setup now. Maybe you have a software installed for your blog, or something else. Now you want to store some photos or files online! Arvixe offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, so why not? This article explains how to install a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client and put some files online. Click “Read More” to continue!


First, we have to install a program on your computer to handle the file transfers. Filezilla is a popular choice. It is open source, secure, free, and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Do a Google seach for “filezilla” and click on “Client Download”.

Client Download.


On the download page, select your computer platform and install the software. There are no tricks here, just follow the steps in the installation package.

Okay, now that it is installed, run the program. On the top, is a connection bar. Enter in your web address, hosting username, and hosting password. Press Quick Connect.

Signing in.


Once signed in, the page is divided in half. On the left is your computer and files. On the right is you hosting space and file system.


Logged in, ready for file transfer.

On the right, select “public_html”. This is the folder where all your public data can be stored. It will have a few folders within it. You can see in the above image (I’ve resized a few of the panes) that I created a custom folder called “xbee” to store a few files in. Simply drag and drop files or folders from the left side to the right to transfer the data. The bottom pane will display file transfer progress and let you know when it is complete. Below, I transferred a Word document. Note that the bottom pane reads “Successful Transfers (1)”.

Transferring a Word document.

That’s it! Now the file is online. Here is what my folder looks like on the internet, if I browse to the folder:

Internet File Directory

Now you can share this link with family and friends, or use it for personal use if you want to access things on the go.

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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Happy hosting, -Mike

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4 Comments on Uploading Files via FTP: The Basics

  1. yzksn says:

    Hello, Mike. Thank you for this useful post. I have a question: how I can protect my personal files folder by adding a password to it, so only viewers authorized by me can see and download the files? Thanks a lot.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Mike,
    I’ve set up the FTP account and installed Filezilla. I’ve used my arvixe ftp://oralhistorytoolkit.org address, with the correct username and password. But it won’t make the connection. It just keeps cycling through timeout and retry. What’s the issue?



    • Alex says:


      Apologies for the delayed response. Was this issue resolved for you? If not, I recommend you reach out to our support department (support[at]arvixe.com).


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