Freichat Integration for Joomla

Chat rooms allow users to interact with other users. Chat Applications are becoming more and more popular since it makes websites interactive. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to integrate freichat in Joomla.

  1. Download the Free version of Freichat
    • Freichat is a powerful web-based chat solution that makes social interaction fun. It is easy to use and it helps websites bring more visitors.
  2. Go to your cPanel, open the web File Manager and go to your Joomla site folder:file manager joomla tutorials arvixe hosting
  3. Upload Freichat to the main folder of your Joomla site and extract it there: joomla main folderuploading freichat joomla tutorialsextract freichat joomla tutorials
    • Note: After extracting Freichat, please make sure that Freichat folder and files have the right permissions: 0755 (Freichat folder only).
  4. Now, you need to run the Freichat installer. In your web browser, put the URL of your joomla site plus this: “freichat/installation/index.php”.
    • Example:
  5. The installer will show a license agreement screen that you must read. Click “Accept” to continue (If you accept the license agreement): freichat license joomla tutorials
  6. Choose integration type (Joomla): integration type joomla tutorials arvixe web hosting
  7. Freichat will check if your Joomla site meets the minimum requirements. If it does, click on “Proceed” to continue with the integration process: requirements check freichat joomla arvixe tutorials
  8. Set the password for the Freichat Administration Dashboard: choosing password freichat joomla
  9. Now, there are two ways to fully activate Freichat:
    • Using the Freichat Module for Joomla
    • Manually
      • We strongly recommend for the integrity of your Joomla website to use the Freichat Module. This is safer and more supported: freichat module joomla
  10. Access Joomla’s Administration Dashboard. Go to menu “Extensions -> Extension Manager”. Install the Freichat Module: installing freichat module joomla tutorials
  11. Go to menu “Extensions -> Module Manager” and enable the freichat module: activate freichat module joomla
  12. And that’s it! Freichat has been properly integrated with Joomla! freichat full joomla featured

This concludes Freichat Integration for Joomla.

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