Fixing minor issues in elgg

Sometimes small issues may arise in your Elgg network for example, bad layout alignment or backgrounds not loading. In this article I will give you tips on how to fix minor issues in elgg

 Issue 1: I activated a plugin and it is not working!

This usually happens due to version compatibility. Not all plugins have been updated to newer versions of elgg, so you need to double check the version compatibility. Also, check the comments section of the plugin to see if someone reported the same issue. Minor code changes can lead to a non-working plugin.

Another reason might be plugin conflicts. Themes and plugins overwrite views, and

If the plugin is compatible with your elgg version and no issues have been reported, check if it needs to set up extra configurations before using it.

Issue 2: My site went blank after activating a plugin!!

This doesn’t happen that often, but the easy way to fix this is by creating a folder inside the ‘mod’ folder of your elgg network, and name that folder ‘disabled’. This will disable all plugins so that you can deactivate the offending plugin.

Issue 3: I get a fatal error after signing in/signing out of my elgg network with my Administrator account!!!

This rarely happens and it is really hard to find out the cause of this problem, due to the fact that fatal errors are not very specific (You need to open the error log and spend some time finding out the issue). This has been reported several times, and the easy way to fix this is by repairing the database. We have a detailed guide on how to repair your MySQL database in cPanel. It is a straight-forward and safe process that will repair any table with problems.

This concludes Fixing minor issues in elgg

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Happy Hosting!

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