Fixing Fatal Errors in Elgg

There are times that you will face Exceptions and Fatal errors in elgg. Those errors are confusing and hard to fix.  In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to fix exceptions and fatal errors in elgg without reinstalling everything.

Getting Started

This article is an update of this one with more information and clarification about these kind of errors in elgg.

Fatal Error Exception #1360026596

Fatal errors happens sometimes because of a bad plugin, and also because of modifications of the core elgg files. Not all exceptions are the same, sometimes it happens because memory limit was changed in the .htaccess file. The first thing that you need to do is remember what was the last thing you were doing with your elgg network before this happened.

What is that number that appears in the error message?

That number is the time stamp of the error. This time stamp is not useful when solving this problem.

Solving the situation

If you were trying a new theme or plugin, you need to disable all plugins by creating a folder inside the mod folder called “disabled”. Then you must sign into your elgg network as an administrator and disable the last themes or plugins you were trying out. If you can’t remember which one was, disable all non-default plugins and then remove the “disabled” folder.

If you did not try a new plugin or theme, nor made a modification to elgg core files, you need to check the stability of the database connection, because fatal errors can occur if the database is having issues or is over capacity.

If the database connection is up and running and you still face this situation, the best thing to do is contact our tech support right away and notify them about this situation.

This concludes Fixing Fatal Errors in Elgg

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