Fix XAMPP Port 80 in Use by Skype

Ever get on a roll, things are just flowing, and you are in the zone? You finish up that last code change, lean back in your chair with a sense of satisfaction mixed with a tinge of relief, because you just know you are going to meet your deadline.

Now all you have left to do is a final last-minute visual walkthrough of your web application; and of course, marvel at your handiwork.

In many cases, but especially when on a shared server, it’s preferable to download, edit and test your web site on your local computer.  Once you have everything running the way you want it, then upload to your site using your IDE or an FTP client like Filezilla.

So one thing you need is a way run and test your PHP application on your desktop.  XAMPP is an easy to use technology bundle that includes a pre-configured PHP environment along with MySQL database, and Apache webserver. XAMPP downloads are available for both Linux and Windows. It is dead easy to install, configure and use.

So you fire-up your ever-trusty XAMPP control panel in order to start Apache web server on your desktop.

and then…


PROBLEM DETECTED!  … Port 80 in use by ….skype!

No worries… here’s the fix:

First, open Skype and choose Tools…Options


In the Options dialog, select Advanced…


Uncheck the box marked “use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”. Remember to Save, and then restart Skype and you are good to go!

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