Fix the Issue – Wrong Language Directory Owner in TomatoCart

In TomatoCart community, a moderator reported a fatal problem about the language directory:

wrong language directory owner

The bug is still exists. No matter which hosting used.  I’ve tried 5 different hosting from different companies and always this bug exists.

It goes when I add languages. Script adds directories which have APACHE as directory owner. So ONLY Apache and root can change rights and I even can’t delete or change permissions for these directories, no write access for sure!

error_lanWhen the store owner upload the language package in the admin panel, the owner and group of the uploaded language files are same as the owner and group of the apache user on the web server. That’s the reason of this problem.

I had fixed this issue and improved the languages module as follows:

— Fix the bug about setting the 0777 permission for the uploaded language directory.


— Make it possible to delete the languages files as clicking the delete or batch delete button in the languages module.


— If there is any error happened in the language upload process, it will be thrown in the languages module so that the store owner could know what’s the problem happened.


Steps to update the languages module in your store

Step1. Download the

Step2. Unzip the and copy the admin directory into your TomatoCart root directory. You have to override the files and directories. Just do it. It will not impact your system.

Step3. Go to Administrator Panel > Start Menu > Tools > Cache Control module to clear the cache for languages.

Done. Afterwards, please access your languages module to test it by yourself. If you find any issue in it, please contact us via

If you need any technical support from us, don’t hesitate to contact us via We provide free technical support service for Arvixe user.

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