TomatoCart Fix – Product Variants Don’t Change the Price or Image

The following issue was reported in the community:

Added an item with color variant. When a different color is selected, the image, SKU, and price do not change. I assume those info should dynamically change depending on the color selection. I need this function to work as most of my items have multiple colors.

In addition, the image mouse rollover does not work too. The mouse rollover works when variant is not used. And the description and review tabs below the item image look disable.

Product variants no change of price/image

Reason for the Issue

It is due to the missing ‘Add To Compare’ or ‘Add To Wishlist’ element in the customized template. This will result in some js error thrown in the store front.

Solution for the Issue

1. Download the variants.js

2. Put the variants.js into includes/javascript directory on your web server. Please override the original one.

Note: Before overriding the original variants.js, it would be better to backup the file.

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