Finding the Status of your Domain

In this post, I will show you how you can find the status of your domain. This is very useful in case everything shows fine in your configuration and name server setup but the domain is still not resolving.

To find information about any domain, go to:

Enter the domain name that you wish to check and click “search”. You will be able to see information about:

  • your registrar
  • your contact information
  • domain LOCK status (locked for transfer or unlocked)
  • domain name servers

To check the status of the domain itself at the registrar, click on the “registration” tab:

  • If the domain shows (registered and active website), this means that the domain is active and fully functional at the registrar end.
  • If the domain shows (on-hold (generic)), this means that the domain has been suspended by the registrar. Feel free to contact us so that we investigate this for you and update you with the reason the domain was suspended.

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