How to Find Out Where Your SQL is Hosted

Do you require a script to install a database for you?

Are you faced with a problem of knowing it location?

Here is a quick guide on how to find the location of your SQL Database.

This Guide is based around CPanel but the instruction are very much the same for other Control Panels.

First of all Login to your Control Panel

Search and locate My SQL Database Click on it.

Now click on create new database and follow the wizard to help set this up.

Once you have set-up your database you can now click back on to your main control panel and select PhpMyAdmin

PhpMyAdmin will now open you will see in the top Left Corner Localhost > database >table 1

Your SQL would be LocalHost  

Or something similar like Server2958 > database >Table1

Your SQL would be Server2958.

That’s it an easy way to find where your databases are located.

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Andrew Cross

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2 Comments on How to Find Out Where Your SQL is Hosted

  1. Chuck Nelson says:

    Is there something similar for Windows hosting and mysql? For example, at arvixe, the cpanels are vastly different between linux and windows servers

    • Andrew Cross says:

      Mysql should be very similar to find where your hosting your database, layouts may change but should be in the main section of mysql. If you need help send me a screen shoot of your myself and i should be able to point it out.

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