File Management for Joomla

eXtplorer is an extension that lets you manage files from the Joomla control panel. In this article, I will explain how to use eXtplorer for file management in Joomla.

Download eXtplorar for Joomla from the Joomla extension directory.


  • Browsing Directories & Files,
  • Editing, Copying, Moving and Deleting files,
  • Searching, Uploading and Downloading files,
  • Creating new Files and Directories,
  • Creating and Extracting Archives with Files and Directories,
  • Changing file permissions (chmod)

Sign into Joomla as an Administrator. Go to menu “Extensions -> Manage”. Select the “Upload” tab and install the eXTplorer for Joomla:

install extension File Management for Joomla

After installation, eXtplorer will be available for use. You can access from the top menu Components -> eXtplorer:

after installation File Management for Joomla

Then you have access to the files on your server, you can edit, save files, copy, move and more. You will have a complete file management from the control panel of your Joomla website:

File Management for Joomla

And that’s it! This tool allows us a way to manage files on our website Joomla.

This concludes File Management for Joomla.

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