Failed to Upload Language Pack to Online Translator in TomatoCart

Have you met the following problems when using Online Translator?:
“When I try to upload the language pack, it is loading but not stops. It says “Please wait” for more than one hour.”
“When I tried to install a new language pack, it just stopped, with only the progress bar on the screen and nothing else happened.”

Fail to Upload Language Pack to Online Translator0

Causes/Solutions could be:
1. The format of the language pack may be incorrect.
Make sure that it includes the admin, installation and directories. Or the system wouldn’t find the required directories to proceed.

2. The admin directory had been renamed.
For example, you had renamed the admin directories as “administrator” and updated the code in the includes/configure.php as follows:

Fail to Upload Language Pack to Online Translator1

In this case, the system will try to find the administrator directory in the language pack. Obviously, there isn’t such directory in the language pack.

3. The cache directory is not writable for the user who is running the web server.
In this case, the language pack can’t be uploaded into your cache directories successfully. Thus the system can’t find the needed language package to be unzipped.

For this reason, please verify the permission of the cache directory and set it to 0775 or 0777 before installing any language. Then after installing the language, you will find the language pack under cache/languages/ as follows. No file means incorrect settings.

Fail to Upload Language Pack to Online Translator2

As we can see, I uploaded a latest language pack at 2013/3/19 15:54. In that directory, there should be the language pack uploaded.

Fail to Upload Language Pack to Online Translator3

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