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It’s been a while since Alfresco 5.0 was released and lots of promising features has have introduced in this version. So, it will be unfair if I will not introduce you to any of those feature. Here I will take you through one of the long awaited feature which has been introduced with this version. Without further suspense let me reveal that I am talking about “Faceted Search” feature.

If you have noticed that in most of the e-Commerce sites, when you search for some term it will take you to  search result page where you could see there are various filters available on that page through which you could filter the search result so that it will narrow down search result to your criteria.

Let us see how this is included in Alfresco.

First let us create some content which we could use in demonstration.  Here I have created three different contents for testing where each of them have word “test” in their property or content. Also there is one folder called “testSearch” as you can see in below image.


Now Search for the word “test” from search box given on top right of the page. It will give you following search result page. Provided you do not have any other content with “test” in their property. As you could see there are 4 results and there is a section called filter on left side of search result page.


Now if you go to “Creator” filter and click on Administrator search result page will be refreshed and out of four item one will be removed as for that file “Creator” was not Administrator.


If you want to filter search results further filter by “File Typeand search result will be reduced to 2 files.


You could also see the selected filters having green right mark besides filter name.If you want to clear filter then click again on that green right mark it will remove that filter from search result.

This is how Faceted search work in recent Alfresco share. Hope this is going to be helpful to alfresco users.

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