Extend your WordPress Text Editor with Zedity

WordPress ships with a default text editor which has minimum formatting options. With the help of Zedity WordPress plugin, you will be able to create content using advanced options available with the plugin.

(1) Install Zedity plugin from the WordPress dashboard

Zedity WordPress Plugin

(2) You will be able to view the plugin details on the Plugins page after installation

Zedity WordPress Plugin Installed

(3) Create a new post by selecting Posts | Add New option

(4) Zedity WordPress plugin includes a separate options page. You should first verify this page to make sure all settings are correct. By default, content posted via Zedity and displayed in an isolated mode.

However, you should modify the mode to standard so that your content will be displayed similar to what you see with default WordPress text editor.

(5) A new icon will be added to the default text editor. It will appear if you verify Add New Post page after installation

Zedity WordPress Plugin Editor Icon

(6) If you select the icon named “Zedity Editor”, you will view a popup dialog using which you can add content.

Zedity Text Editor

(7) In order to add content, select Add Box | Text

Zedity Text Editor

You will view a screen as shown below

Zedity Editor Text Addition

(8) Select pencil shaped icon (first on the toolbar below small editor). You will be able to add content. You can extend the size of the text box by dragging the corner. You can provide content as usual and also format them using the available options you see on the interface.

As soon as you finished the task, select Save button and the content will be displayed on the WordPress text editor.

You should note that the content will be displayed inside a rectangle with three icons using which you can edit and delete content.

By default, content is added using Isolated mode. However, you should modify the mode to standard for SEO purposes. As mentioned above, it will display content as such you are using the default WordPress text editor.

Zedity Settings Page

(9) In the same way, you can add videos. Simply select Add box | Video and select Insert video icon. You will view a popup where you can provide the embed code.

Zedity Editor Video Addition

Anand Narayanaswamy

As you can see, Zedity enables you to add content very easily. You should only use Zedity if you have experience with WordPress. The initial learning curve is little high for the plugin. Zedity Premium (paid version) is also available with enhanced features.

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