Export and Import Plugin Status in elgg

On a previous article, I showed you how to properly migrate an Elgg network. In this article I will show you how to export and import the order and status of plugins in Elgg

1. EnPlugMan plugin is a manager that lets you import and export sequence of plugin, and their activation status. Download it here.

2. Open the Administration Dashboard of your elgg site. Go to menu “Configure -> Plugins”, look for the ‘EnPlugMan’ plugin and activate it:

elgg dashboard plugin list arvixe windows hosting linux hosting

enplugman plugin elgg hosting arvixe linux

3. The “Configure” menu will have a new option called “EnPlugMan”. It will have two menus inside of it: One for importing plugin settings and another one for exporting. Let’s export some settings. Go to menu “Configure -> EnPlugMan -> Export CSV”:

export plugin settings linux elgg arvixe hosting

4. Click on “Download from here” to export the plugin status and order to get a CSV file containing the status and order of the plugins installed in your elgg network:

exporting plugin status order arvixe hosting elgg tutorials

5. For importing plugins order and status, go to menu “Configure -> EnPlugMan-> Import CSV” and select the CSV file with the plugins order and status:

Picture 5

6. And that’s it! Plguin Order and Status has been Imported/Exported

This concludes Export and Import Plugin Status in elgg

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Happy Hosting!

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