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You perform various activities such as adding databases, e-mail IDs and so on every day using WebsitePanel. It is very essential to keep track of these activities especially if you offer reseller services for your clients. As an administrator, you should know what your clients are doing with the control panel.

WebsitePanel provides audit log with which you can monitor the work being performed. It clearly mentions the date, start time, finish time, source, task, item in addition to the username on which the related work is being done as shown below


The audio log enables you to filter records based on severity levels such as Information, Warning and Error. You can also filter the items which need to be displayed based on the source. For instance, if you select Mail Account, the list of task will be displayed inside the Task drop down box. By default, all items from the relevant source and task are displayed.


As you can see from the above figure, audit log doesn’t display any records for the selected period and hence the message is displayed. With the help of the calendar on the left side of the audit log user interface, you can display records based on the selected date.

Audit log will point out which application the user has installed from the web based installer. For instance, if you installed, MojoPortal from within WebsitePanel, the log will contain tasks such as Install application and Download application. You can also export the log by selecting Export Log button located below the calendar.

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