Exploring Licensed Add-Ons and Your Concrete5 Project Page

Concrete5.org has a “license management” interface built in for each of your C5 sites you wish to associate with it. This Project page helps you keep track of assigned licenses, collaborate with other users (and be able to share their licenses) and is the interface that monitors your add-ons so that you are notified on your website when updates are available. When you initially connect to the community (see my screen-cast “Connecting to the Concrete5 Community”) your project page is automatically created and will look similar to this.

C5 Project Page overview

From your project page you can add another user to your management team (additional users can add their licenses to a project etc.) and release current licenses from the site that are no longer needed or used. (see #1 for adding user and #2 for releasing a license)

Project add contributor

Of course, available add-ons owned that you can add to a site can be assigned from this dropdown area (#3)License associate

This versatile interface allows you to view your current Concrete5 version installed, additional users, and every add-on or theme assigned to the site with just a glance! From the edit link in the right hand column you can add descriptive text and even transfer primary ownership of your site to another user!

The project page is very helpful for reviewing and updating a single site, but for more detail about what licenses you own and which ones are already assigned you’ll want to navigate to your personal account page. The link for this will be found on the upper left of any Concrete5.org page whenever you are signed in as a C5 member. The following picture will show you the links found on your account page. You’ll note that when you select “Transactions”, you’ll be able to choose from your Purchase History, your Sales Statistics (if you are a developer selling Concrete5 add-ons) and lastly, licenses. transaction menu

Selecting “Licenses” will allow you to not only view the ones you own (free or paid for) but also see at a glance if you’ve assigned a license to a site already and how many you have left to use.licenses assigned

Many site owners build and operate their websites without using the management tools Concrete5 puts at their disposal. I believe the more you use this CMS, the more you’ll appreciate the support that goes into making it so powerful! Spend a little time exploring the Concrete5 community pages and discover the resources that make your website the best it can be.

If you have questions about this article or would like to request information on another Concrete5 topic, let me know.


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