Even More Dolphin 7 Spam Prevention Tips

In the past, we have talked about using the built in Dolphin 7 Anti-Spam tools. Today, we will cover a few more tips to help block the spammers who will try and flood your Dolphin 7 website.





1. Change the name of your join form:

 There are tons of spammers who use automated “bots” to find your site and join it. To stop the ones who search for a file named “join.php” we can change the name of the file. Once you change the name of the physical file, you also need to search the database and change any references to it there as well. Then, you will need to edit these files and change the references to join.php:


2. Block the known “spam farm” email providers:


This can be accomplished by installing mod_security or adding a little extra code to the join form.

3. Block link posting on the join form and blogs:

Just like the last tip, this can be accomplished by installing mod_security or adding a little extra code. This technique works because if spammers can’t post a link, there is no point in them joining your site.

4. Add a new membership type and give it full access to the site:

Then take all rights away from the default membership level. This will cause a little more work in the moderation department, but it will prevent new users (spammers) from posting anything that will bring down the quality of your site.


These are just a few tips, but if you are creative, you can come up with lots more!

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