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From March 16th, 2015 Arvixe has started charging European Union clients VAT at their local tax rate in order to comply with EU legislation. In this article, I’ll go through the common questions we have been receiving regarding EU VAT.

Note: We do not include VAT within the prices on our website. These are added separately and you will be able to see any VAT charges on your invoices.

Who will be charged VAT?

Anyone who has a registered address within the European Union and does NOT have exempt status (see below) will be charged the local VAT rate for that member state.

You may be eligible for exempt status in which case we will not apply VAT to your invoices. Please see below if you’re eligible.

How much is VAT?

VAT rates differ per country. You will always be charged the current VAT rate of your local country. The VAT rates at the time of this article going live can be found HERE.

Exempt Status

If you’re a VAT registered business or a non-profit organization you may be able to become exempt from being charged VAT. All you would need is your VAT ID number. Once you have this number login to the Arvixe billing area ( and update your contact information. Once saved, VAT should no longer appear on your future invoices.

Can I get a refund on paid VAT after supplying a VAT ID?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, you will no longer be charged VAT in future invoices starting on the date you have added your VAT ID within the Arvixe billing area.

Can VAT rates go up/down?

Yes. VAT rates can go up and down and is decided by the government bodies of each EU member state, individually. As one member state increases or decreases their VAT rate, we will also update our VAT rates charged for clients in that country to reflect the new rates.

As a US company, why do we charge VAT?

As we offer electronic services to EU clients, we’re legally obliged to charge VAT to non-business EU clients. This is in accordance with EU directive: Council Directive 2006/112/EC

What is Arvixe’s VAT number?

Arvixe’s VAT registration number is EU826014665

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