Enhanced Inbox for Elgg

Elgg private message system is pretty simple. You can send messages to and receive, everything is standard, even for message reading. This feature is not bad but it is not the best, especially for your users who might find it archaic. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to enhance inbox and user to user messaging in elgg 1.8

1. Download and install Hype Inbox. If you need assistance installing it, please read this article.

2. Sign into your Elgg network as an Administrator and go to the Administration Dashboard.

3. Go to menu “Configure > Plugins


3. Activate HypeInbox. Make sure it stays at the bottom of the plugin’s list:

hypeinbox elgg4. Run upgrade.php If you don’t know how to do this, read this article.

5. Now, the default private message system will look different. It will show messaging with other users as a thread rather than individual messages. In addition to that, messages can be deleted without reloading the entire page, which saves bandwidth. Also it provides a versatile way to compose private messages and the must-have feature which is attaching files to a message:

Thread Style Messaging

Thread Style Messaging

Enhanced Inbox

Enhanced Inbox

composing new message elgg

Composing a message

Private Message with Attachment

Private Message with Attachment

HypeInbox will enhanced and optimize the private message system in elgg. It is strongly recommended that you install this plugin.

This concludes Enhanced Inbox for elgg

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Happy Hosting!

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