Enable error reporting in Joomla

Joomla has an important tool for developers, Error reporting is a very useful tool because it sets the level of error reporting to be used by PHP. In this article I will show How to enable error reporting in Joomla.

To enter the configuration of this parameter, you must log on as administrator, then the top menu System -> Global Configuration:

menu global configuration Enable error reporting in Joomla

Click the Server tab, then click in Error Reporting parameter, you select an option:

settings Enable error reporting in Joomla

System Default: leaves the level of PHP error reporting to that set up in the server (usually in the php.ini file).

None: switches off PHP error reporting.

Simple, Maximum and Development: override the server setting to give a basic level of reporting (for “Simple”) and the reporting of all errors (“Maximum” and “Development”).

And that’s it! This way when you are in the development stage may receive errors that present the Joomla website.

This concludes Enable error reporting in Joomla.

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