Enable Datalist in Alfresco site

In my previous article we briefly discussed datalists in Alfresco. Though we have had some questions on how you actually enable datalists and so, this is what this article will show you. By default when you create new site you will only be able to see the Document Library on your site. These are the steps which you need to follow to add datalist on a new Alfresco installation.

Step 1:

Create new site in Alfresco share

Step 2:

From top right corner of site dashboard you could see gear button click on that. Select the  option customize site.

Step 3:

From customize site page you will be able to see two different columns where one column show list of added items and another column show list of available items for adding like blog,discussion,datalist etc..


Drag datalist from first column to second column.


Step 5:

Click on ok and you will be able to see new tab called datalist which could lead you to datalist page where you could create new datalist.


New Datalist DialogDatalist FormDatalist Datagrid


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