Embedding documents in Joomla

ARI Docs Viewer system plugin allows to embed remote pages, Joomla articles and files in your Joomla website. In this article I will explain how to Embedding documents in Joomla.

  1. Download ARI Docs Viewer system for Joomla.
    • Supported formats:
      • doc / docx – Microsoft Word Document
        xls / xlsx – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
        ppt / pptx – Microsoft PowerPoint
        pps – PowerPoint Slideshow
        odt – OpenDocument Text
        ods – OpenDocument Spreadsheet
        odp – OpenDocument Presentation
        sxw – OpenOffice.org Writer Document
        sxc – OpenOffice.org Calc Spreadsheet
        sxi – OpenOffice.org Impress Presentation
        wpd – Corel Word Perfect Document
        pdf – Adobe Portable Document Format
        rtf – Rich Text Format
        html – Hyper Text Markup Language
        txt – Plain Text Document
        csv – Comma Separated Values
        tsv – Tab Separated Values
        pages – Apple Pages
        ai – Adobe Illustrator
        psd – Adobe Photoshop
        dxf – Autodesk AutoCad
        svg – Scalable Vector Graphics
        eps / ps – PostScript
        ttf – TrueType
        xps – XML Paper Specification
  2. Login as an administrator to Joomla and go to menu Extensions > Extension Manager, and install the plugin. If you don’t know how to this, read this articleextension manager Embedding documents in Joomla
  3. Now that you installed the plugin, you have to enable it. To do this, go to Plugin Manager always on Extensions Menu, search and select the plugin and click the enable button: enable plugin Embedding documents in Joomla
  4. In this section you can configure different options as a include jquery, jquery noConflict, Document viewer engine, show loading page, loading message, css class, show download link, download link. Click Save to save changes. plugin manager settings Embedding documents in Joomla
  5. How to use:
    • Embed document with supported format into content
      • Use the following code:
      • {aridoc engine="google" width="600" height="300"}PATH{/aridoc}
      • Example:
      • {aridoc engine="google" width="600" height="300"}http://www.domain.com/myfiles/file.ppt{/aridoc}
    • Embed external page
      • Type the next code:
      • {aridoc engine="iframe" width="500" height="400"}LINK_TO_PAGE{/aridoc}
      • Example:
      • {aridoc engine="iframe" width="500" height="400"} http://www.arvixe.com/{/aridoc}
    • Insert specific article into content
      • Type the following code:
      • {aridoc engine="article" width="500" height="400" id="ARTICLE_ID"}{/aridoc}
      • Example:
      • {aridoc engine="article" width="500" height="400" id="22"}{/aridoc}
  6. And that’s it! ARI Docs Viewer system plugin is a great tool to show different documents in your Joomla website. edit article Embedding documents in Joomlaresult Embedding documents in Joomla

This concludes Embedding documents in Joomla.

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