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Several weeks ago, there has been an increase of spammers on elgg powered sites. According to latest research, there are several bots that are in charge of registering on your website with random usernames and posting tons of spam blogs in sites with poor security.

Spams are a very important issue. It takes out bandwidth and it can make your site go into the website blacklist. However, there is an open source plugin to protect your site from bot spammers.

This tool is only to protect your site from bots spammers, not humans spammers. It is called recaptcha, and you can download it here: reCaptcha

This is a very simple replacement for the default captcha plugin included in Elgg. This plugin uses the reCAPTCHA system, that you can get here. In order to work, it is necessary to disable any current captcha plugin you already may have installed.

How to set up? First, decompress the zip file and upload it to “public_html/mod”.

Then, register for a reCAPTCHA private and public key which are required for this plugin to work properly. It’s free. The plugin requires the reCAPTCHA library file, but that is already included in the plugin.

Once you upload the plugin, enabled it in the administration page. After that, go to the plugin settings, and enter your public and private keys and hit save.

If you get an error message where the reCAPTCHA should appear, you likely have a problem with your public or private key entry.

Once it is up and runing, it should replace the captcha on your registration form and your reset password form, and that’s it! Now you can prevent bots from registering and posting harmful spam.


reCaptcha Registration Form

reCaptcha Registration Form

Setting reCaptcha Public and Private Key

*Compatible with Elgg 1.7.1

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Happy Hosting!

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