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Over the past few days there has been an ongoing discussion at the elgg community about the recent aggressive spam attacks against elgg powered websites. For the past two months, I’ve been sharing with you several tools aimed to stop spammers. However, such tools are not being very effective against this new wave of spam. In this article, I’m going to talk about more tips that will increase the security on your elgg site.

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Profile Manager

Profile manager lets you add more fields to the elgg registration form, and this is very useful in the fight against spammers. One successful way to make sure new users are not spammers is adding Profile Picture or Avatar as a mandatory field. Automated bot spammers will not be able to register at your site.

Change the Registration Form Address

This one is a little bit tricky, because it involves creating a plugin or you can just simple add a redirect to homepage via cPanel. There several themes available at the elgg community developed by me that has the registration form available on the front page using jQuery. This is a very effective way to stop automated bot spammers. I’ve been testing this solution for the last two months and new user registrations have been from real persons. It is strongly recommended that you consider using this solution on your elgg network.

Be a good Elgg Administrator

elgg spam profileKeep an eye always for spam content. If you see a suspicious activity coming from a user, review his profile. If the information on the user’s profile looks like spam, remove it immediately. Don’t let them take control of your elgg network. Keep our servers safe from abusers.

If you need further assistance, please drop a comment here. Use any measure available to stop spammers.

This Concludes Elgg Security Tips

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Happy Hosting!

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