Elgg and Spam

Spammers are being more aggressive lately, especially with elgg sites. In this article I will discuss about the proper and most up to date tools to protect your elgg network against spammers.


Anti Spam tools available for elgg 1.7 are no longer supported. That’s why we strongly recommend to upgrade to the latest version of elgg, which is 1.8.15


akismet elgg arvixe

Akismet for elgg 1.8 is the most effective tool against human spammers. This plugin will prevent them from publishing spam content. Read more

Spam Login Filter

anti spam login filter elgg

This tool prevents automated bot spammers from using your elgg network. Not only that, it also filter false positives and you can block users by country, IP or email domain. Read more

Facebook/Twitter Connect for elgg

Although Twitter and facebook connect for elgg 1.8 helps your users to easy registering into your elgg site, the problem is that there have been reports of spammers taking advantage or Facebook and Twitter connect for elgg 1.8 to bypass the anti spam filters. If you plan to use any of these, be very careful and review every new user.

We strongly suggest to apply the necessary measures against spammers. Spammers besides wasting server resources, also blacklist our servers.

This now concludes Elgg and Spam

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Happy Hosting!

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