Elgg and Code Testing

Elgg is a very extendable social networking engine. Most of the enhancements are done via plugins, which are freely available at the elgg community. Other enhancements are done by just adding code to the elgg core, which is not recommended. In this article I will talk about the proper way to test code and new plugins in elgg.

Testing New Plugins

Before using a new plugin, please make sure you read if it is compatible with the elgg version you are using. Otherwise it may crash your site completely. This is very important, some elgg users lost their site due to a plugin that was made for a different elgg version.

Trying out new code

Do not test brand new code on our servers. First, test the code on your computer. This is to keep the integrity of our servers and avoid server crashes. If you see a code that is supposed to speed up your network, please test it first locally. This also goes for some mass mailing code. We had a user that forgot to add a counter to a “while” loop and ended up trying to send 500 emails per minute.

Read Arvixe’s elgg Blog

In the elgg blog I show which tools to use to enhance your network. Each tool that I explain here, is tested on a safe environment and I do stress test to see how much the plugin will affect server performance. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to recommend a good chat plugin for elgg. However GPL chat plugins for elgg are server intensive and will affect the performance of your site.

Don’t try hacks in our Servers

There are two or three sites that have guides on how to hack elgg to make run “faster” or to shorten URL. Please do not try them on our servers, because most of those hacks take key resources of the servers, or could lead to an endless loop and thus do more damage than good.

This concludes Elgg and Code Testing

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Happy Hosting!

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