Elgg 1.9 is Officially Out!

Elgg has released its latest version 1.9.1, this new version seeks to upgrade those old installations and enjoy improved speed, better stability, and fewer bugs.


Before introducing the new features, it is necessary to mention that Elgg 1.7 is no longer maintained or supported by the elgg Community, which means if you have that version, you will no longer receive security updates. We strongly recommend to upgrade to version 1.8 as soon as possible, in order to keep your data, and our servers, safe.

Nevertheless, elgg 1.8 will continue to receive security bugfixes, but no new features will be added. So, you might take into consideration that you will have to upgrade to version 1.9

It is important to point out that plugins for elgg 1.8 should continue to work on Elgg 1.9 without modifications. This major release update have sought greater compatibility with previous versions, to make the transition easier.

Getting Started

elgg is out tutorials

New features

Elgg 1.9 has bug fixes, improves performance and new features:

  • Hundreds of UI bugfixes
  • Better installation process
  • Aalborg, Elgg’s new responsive theme
  • CKeditor, an improved rich text editor
  • More performant notifications
  • Improved behavior for restricting group content
  • Bundled translations powered by Transifex

Developer features

The greatest number of changes have been in the backend, with the aim to make easier the work of developers:

  • A new dependency injection container system
  • AMD support through require.js
  • HTML5
  • New PSR-0 compliant class loader
  • Non-PHP files can be views
  • PHP Composer integration
  • Improved and relocated documentation


Security has been improved. Your elgg network will be protected against attacks by hackers. The elgg core developers will be releasing security updates for elgg more often, so you will always be protected.

For more information:

This concludes Elgg 1.9 is officially out!

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