Elgg 1.9: A Quick Tour

A new release candidate version of Elgg 1.9 has been released. According to the Elgg core developers, it is only a matter of weeks before Elgg 1.9 gets an official release. In this article I will give you a Quick Tour in Elgg 1.9Getting Started

 Administration Dashboard

The administration dashboard has very minor changes. It provides the ability to flush the caches and also run the upgrade.php script. The menu position is the same, except for some new features.

elgg 1_9 new dashboardSame as before, you can add admin widgets and see online users.

Main Site

The main site has been improved. Now the site comes responsive by default thanks to the new Aalborg theme. This means elgg adapts to any screen size, making it compatible with mobile devices:

elgg responsive and desktop view

Now, you don’t need to code or install a plugin to view your elgg network on your phone or tablet. User interface looks and feels better and modern.

Elgg 1.9 has much more features than any previous version. Even though our servers are ready for it, we recommend not to try this new version until there’s an official release.

I’ve been testing upgrade procedures, and when this new version comes out, we will be publishing the guide on how to properly migrate from elgg 1.8 to elgg 1.9

This concludes Elgg 1.9: A Quick Tour

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Happy Hosting!

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