Elgg 1.10 is out!

New year, new Elgg version released! The elgg core developers committed to update elgg more often, which is great because you can create a network with Elgg without worrying about security issues. However, what does it mean for elgg 1.8 users? In this article we will discuss about this new elgg version.

The release candidate for elgg 1.10 was ready back in December, and less than a month lather 1.10 was officially released by the core developers. This was a huge step forward in terms of performance, features and security. Some of its new features/improvements are:

File Upload Limit

File Upload Limit

The file upload form now displays the size limit of the files that users can upload and share. This is a big improvement, since now anyone can see the limit before uploading, unlike previous versions which displayed an error message only after the file was uploaded.

Group Tabs

Group Tabs

The new “All Groups” page has groups ordered by “newest”, “popular”, “featured” and “latest discussion”. Now you can set featured groups with just one click, and also users get to see which groups are the most popular.

Number of items per page

Administrator can set how many items will be displayed per page. If you have a collaborative network, you can set this setting to display as many items as you need. It is very useful if you want your network to look populated with content.

PHP Version Compatibility

Elgg 1.10 requires PHP 5.4 This is due to the fact that previous versions of PHP are no longer getting any security patches. PHP 5.4 already offers more features and security enhancements. We support this version without issues.

Ending Support of elgg 1.8

Elgg 1.8 will no longer receive non-critical bug fixes, only security fixes. Official support, according to the Elgg blog, will end on September of 2015. Please make sure you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

Easier Version Upgrades

There has been more focus on backward compatibility since elgg 1.9. This means that upgrading to elgg 1.10 will be easier, without breaking third party plugin’s functionality.

This Concludes Elgg 1.10 is out!

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