Elegant Pagination For Product Listing and New Products Page in TomatoCart

In the default glass gray template of TomatoCart, the pagination links are not elegant enough. So, a new module for the template is implemented to make the paginations on the product listing and new products page more elegant.

Elegant Pagination For Product Listing and new products Page-1

Elegant Pagination For Product Listing and new products Page-2

This module is compatible with TomatoCart 1.1.x.

Where to get it

It is available to download it at http://www.tomatocart.com/products/extension-manage.html?task=view&id=437

How to Install it?

  1. Decompress it and then you will find a ‘templates’ directory in it.
  2. Put ‘templates’’ into the tomatocart web root directory on your web server. Please just override the same directory.

Note: Only when the total pages is greater than 1, the new pagination will be displayed. And You should always backup all the files in your template before applying this package into your system.

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