Elegant Content Module – Slider New Products for TomatoCart

This content module – slider new products is used to display the new products elegantly. If you feel the default new products module is not fit for your live shop, please try to integrate this elegant content module into your store.

Elegant Content Module – Slider New Products

Before integrating this module into your shop, it would be better to backup the following files:

Backup Guide
— Backup admin > includes > extmodules > templates_modules > templates_modules_config_dialog.php

Installation Guide:
1. Download the slider new products module.

2. Decompress the module package and copy the ‘admin’, ‘images’, ‘includes’ and ‘templates’ directories into the Tomatocart root directory on your web server. Please just override the same directories.

3. Go to admin panel > templates > templates modules > content to install the new arrives module.

InstallNew Arrives Module

4. Go to admin panel > templates > templates modules layout > content to set the layout of the module.

Module Configurations

Module Configurations

— Enable Auto Play: Yes to make the products slide automatically
— Show Buttons To Control The Slider: Yes to show the control buttons
— Enable The Cache: Yes to cache the slide products
— Maximum New Arrives To Display(required): Set the maximum products to be displayed in the module
— Width Of The New Arrives Slider Area(required): Set the width of the slider area
— Height Of The New Arrives Slider Area(required): Set the height of the slider area
— Width Of Each Sliding New Arrive(required): Set the width of each slider product
— Display New Arrives In The Sub-Categories: Yes to display the products recursively
— First Category Title(required): Set the first category title displayed in the tabs
— First Category: Select the first category in which the products will be displayed in the module
— Second Category Title
— Second Category
— Third Category Title
— Third Category
— Fourth Category Title
— Fourth Category
— Fifth Category Title
— Fifth Category
— Slideshow duration: Duration to start the animation
— Slideshow Interval: Interval of the animation
— Minutes To Cache: Number of minutes to keep the contents cached (0 = no cache)

Unintall Guide
1. Restore admin > includes > extmodules > templates_modules > templates_modules_config_dialog.php with the original backup

2. Delete admin > includes > function > cfg_parameters > osc_cfg_set_categories_pulldown_menu.php

3. Delete images > modules > content > new_arrivals

4. Delete includes > languages > en_US > modules > content > new_arrivals.xml

5. Delete includes > modules > content > new_arrivals.php

6. Delete templates > glass_gray > modules > content > new_arrivals.php

Enjoy it!

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