Editing Sites with RvSiteBuilder

In the previous article published last month, I examined the steps involved to create a site using RvSiteBuilder. In this article, I will examine the process involved with editing an existing RVSiteBuilder project.

(1) Login to CPanel and select RVSiteBuilder located under Software/Services navigation panel

(2) You will view the name of the last project along with a snapshot

(3) Select Edit Website button

(4) You will view list of pages along with corresponding Edit icons

(5) Select Edit icon on the About Us row and a new browser window will be opened with the editor.


(6) Delete the default content and provide your own content. You can also delete the default images and add your own image relevant to your content.

(7) Finally click the Save button located on the Toolbar.


(8) You will view Please wait dialog when the site builder tool saves your content in the backend. You have to note that RvSiteBuilder takes its own time to save the edited page.

Note: Internet Explorer hanged when I attempted to save the edited RvSiteBuilder page. However, the contents of the page was saved. Hence, it is better to make use of FireFox to work with the site builder tool.

(9) You can easily insert hyperlinks and perform all the required editing jobs using the buttons on the Toolbar.

(10) You can also add new page by selecting Add Page/Component link located on the Content page.

Warning: You can view the changes made by selecting Preview link. However, you should not select Publish option unless you want to upload the site you created using RvSiteBuilder. You should not click Publish link if you have a live website running. The Publish option will overwrite your current website (if any).

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2 Comments on Editing Sites with RvSiteBuilder

  1. Eric Paige says:

    I cannot figure out how and where to upload images to use on this site. So far, tech support has been no help, they keep sending me to articles like this that don’t answer my question. VERY FRUSTRATING!

    • Alex says:


      Was this issue resolved for you in the end? If not, can I please have your ticket ID to look into this?

      Have you tried uploading images directly in your file manager and/or FTP account?



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