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privilegesI’ve previously written about creating a new usergroup but usually when you are creating a new usergroup you will need to customise the permissions for all of the members within the new group. While you can copy the setting from another group when creating the usergroup, often this won’t be sufficient because if those permissions were sufficient, you’d just put users in that group rather than creating a new one! This is how to quickly go through all of the permissions for all of your usergroups and tailor them to your needs.

ocPortal boasts a detailed section to edit all of the privileges associated to all of your usergroups. This is titled “Global Privileges” and can be found in the security section of the Adminzone. Once you arrive on the First global privileges screen you are shown a menu of different content types which you can tailor the permissions for. These include:

  • Submission – Deals with what areas each usergroup can submit content to
  • General settings – covers a range of settings such as bypassing post flood control among others
  • Members, Usergroups and forums – Covers a range of options such as the right to delete their own account and close their own topics
  • Staff actions – Covers whether users can access the site when closed and which staff notifications they see
  • Comcode – Which usergroups can use various Comcode options
  • Feedback – Whether users can comment or rate content
  • Points – Who can give points and who can they give them to


There are a number of other sections which deal with specifics such as Polls, Banners and Newsletters but the majority of the options are in the first list of options. Many of the options are extremely straight forward in what they refer to. However in the Submission settings there are “Submit low-impact (low visibility) content” and “Submit mid-impact (medium visibility) content” which can be confusing if you don’t have knowledge of the system.

Within this and some other sections where these options are not always really clear there is a Help bubble which will explain what the option will do. This is indicated by a question mark after the title text for each option.

Make sure you take note of the options you are setting because if these are set incorrectly you can lock members out of your site. If you do find you need help please ask on either the ocPortal forum or the Arvixe forums

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